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"Bringing Liquidity to Life Settlements"

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"Bringing Liquidity to Life Settlements"  

Life Settlement Exchange, LLC (LSX) is an independent secondary market provider that facilitates the re-purchase and re-sale of fractional interest life settlements, and provides valuation services related to fractional interest life settlement portfolios.

LSX's services are only available to accredited investors and are not available in all states. Because of rapidly changing securities and insurance regulations affecting the life settlement industry, please contact us directly to discuss if these services are available to you.

This website is intended solely for use by accredited investors and their licensed representatives. This website is informational only. Nothing in this website or any attached document is intended to or should be construed as a solicitation or offer of purchase or sale.

Life settlements as investment assets are by construction "buy and hold" investments, especially in a structure where premiums are escrowed into the acquisition cost and not treated as an on-going carrying cost. Life Settlements by nature achieve value at maturity, and do not increase in value appreciably until the date of maturity (notwithstanding free market tertiary market forces.) This investment "behavior" does not correlate well with other investment asset categories. Therefore, all investors are strongly cautioned that the best investment performance is likely (although not guaranteed) to be realized by holding life settlements to maturity. Any investor decision to sell (or buy) existing life settlements prior to maturity should be weighed carefully between current market value and the alternative employment or demand for the investor's available resources. Investors may want to consider that a measured response to the sale of life settlement holdings (such as a partial liquidation of a life settlement portfolio) may be a prudent alternative to meet a short term liquidity concern. This in turn must be weighed against the associated decrease in diversification across the number of insured lives that will result from a partial liquidation within a life settlement investment portfolio.

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